In order to open DEMAT account for RGESS make sure the investor:

  • does not have any other demat account as a first holder in CDSL OR
  • has opened a demat account (as a first holder) in CDSL and not had
  • any transactions in equity in the said account.
  • does not have any other demat account in CDSL with RGESS
  • is PAN compliant.

The retail investors are restricted to hold the securities only in "DEMAT" account provided by many Depository Participants (DPs) of CDSL. The list of DPs under CDSL can be found here.

In addition to KYC requirements like ID Proof, Address Proof, PAN Copy, you are also requested to provide a declaration form "Form A", which you can get from the DP you're applying to, in prescribed format for availing RGESS benefits. This declaration form will help you designate your new or existing demat account as RGESS.

In case the investor want to exclude any RGESS eligible scrip from his RGESS portfolio, he has to submit "Form B" within one month from the date of the credit in his demat account.

Please note you can have only one DEMAT account for the purpose of availing RGESS benefits.

After getting ready with your new DEMAT account or designation your existing DEMAT account as RGESS, you can approach any SEBI registered stock broker with your Demat Account Number and DP ID for investing in eligible securities.